CFP Wollesen Memorial Graduate Symposium: The Secret Arts & the Art of Secrets

Justly or not, esotericism has been universally excised from modernist perceptions of the world: the practice of astrology has been distanced from astronomy; alchemy has been distilled from chemistry; and magic has been calculated out of the numerous equations of physics. The modern antipathy to Esotericism, however, has been tempered by exciting research over the past thirty years with increasingly more papers, periodicals, conferences, and academic programs that seek to rehabilitate, reveal, and interrogate the formative role that Esoteric traditions have had and continue to have on contemporary culture.

This symposium aims to participate in this movement by investigating Esotericism in the context of visual culture from Antiquity to the present.  It seeks to provide a forum for scholars from a wide variety of fields who are keen about this engaging topic, but who may be finding it difficult to connect with other researchers on a subject that has only recently gained momentum within established academic curricula. We invite participation from students and scholars, new to the field or not, who may be deploying systems of visual and material culture in their research as a basis for illustration or argumentation.

Friday March 10, 2017
East Common Room, Hart House
7 Hart House Circle
University of Toronto
Toronto, Ontario

Keynote address: Serena Keshavjee, Associate Professor, University of Winnipeg

Symposium Chairs:
Tia Sager, University of Toronto
John Koenig, University of Toronto

Please submit an abstract of no more than 300 words and a biographical sketch of no more than 150 words to the Graduate Union of the Students of Art at by January 29, 2017.

Symposium Trailer from Gusta on Vimeo.


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