GUStA Research in Progress Talks this WEDNESDAY!


Please join us this Wednesday, November 29th at noon in the Common Room for the 2nd GUStA Research in Progress Talks.


Shaun Midanik, “Books of Prints and the Illustrated Book in Early Modern Italy”
Shaun Midanik is in the second year of his PhD at the University of Toronto, where he studies sixteenth and seventeenth century print culture. His doctoral research focuses on the intersections between the print and book trades in Early Modern Italy through books of prints. Last year he completed an Iter fellowship through the Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies and was awarded the Ontario Graduate Scholarship in 2015. He is currently working at the University of Toronto’s Department of Art Library as a Library Assistant. 
Kyung-Seo (Kay) Min, “Marvels of the West: The material culture of medieval diplomacy and Christian pilgrimage in Bar Rabban Sauma’s travels to Europe” 
Kyung-Seo (Kay) Min is a first year MA History of Art student at the University of Toronto. Her research interests include late medieval cross-cultural exchange, travel literature, and text-image relations in illuminated manuscripts.

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