Call for Participants

NUIT BLANCHE 2019 – CITYLights TORONTO Calling for students and young professionals in related fields to participate in creation of this year’s NUIT BLANCHE project.

About CITYLights TORONTO vision and work: CITYLights Toronto was founded in 2015 by a group of likeminded professionals as a way to educate Toronto students and young professionals in the fields of lighting design, architecture and interior design by creating a site-specific installation that illuminates features, public art and buildings. Collaborating with local Toronto artists, we create temporary lighting installations that allow emerging professionals and students access to knowledge and the latest lighting technology and apply it to Toronto’s cityscape at NUIT BLANCHE. Each year CITYLights Toronto committee arrange a series of workshops in September to develop a unique and experimental concept through a collaborative teamwork process. On the day of the NUIT BLANCHE event, team goes on site for installation and exhibiting project to the public from dusk to dawn. It is a life changing event for the students and has led to many starting careers based on their experiences. We have been awarded now for the fourth year in a row as an independent project at Nuit Blanche. This year is our most exciting as we have been fortunate enough to get the Fort York Visitor Center as a site for our installation. For a glance at our previous works please see:

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