Student Spotlight: Rhiannon Vogl

Hometown: Powassan, Ontario.

Research Interests: Postmodern and Contemporary Art and Art Writing in Canada; European Modernism.

How long have you been living in Toronto?  
Just over a year.

What is your favorite thing about living here?
The number of different neighbourhoods; the diversity; the ravine systems!

When did you realize you wanted to study art history? 
When my ninth grade art teacher introduced us to Marcel Duchamp’s Bicycle Wheel sculpture!

Most memorable or exhilarating encounter with a work of art in the last few months? 
Ohhhh, I was recently at the Art Institute of Chicago; it was very close to closing time, and I was trying to make it through the Modern wing rather quickly. I came around a corner and was literally stopped in my tracks by a series of three sublime sculptures by Brancusi installed on a low plinth — White Negress II; Leda; Golden Bird — it actually took my breath away!

What is one thing, unrelated to your studies and research, that you enjoy doing in your free time? 
I love to run! I train for at least two marathons a year, and a few shorter races in between. Running keeps me sane, grounded and is an amazing way to explore the city!

What is next for you in your academic career? 
I am studying for my comprehensive exams and hope to complete them early in 2020. 

Favorite study spot on/off campus? 
On campus I’m partial to Victoria Library or at Inness College; off campus I’m either usually at Sovereign on Davenport; Jimmy’s or Pilot on Ossington; Contra on Shaw or Wallace Espresso on Westmount —  my list could go on — did I mention I really love good coffee?!

What is one thing you want your classmates to know about you? 
Besides my love of running and coffee, I am enamoured with farmer’s markets, fancy grocery stores, avocados and astrology! I also believe that it IS possible to make friends with salad!

Next dream vacation (if money and time were not an object!)? 
I would love to tour eastern/central Europe — Hungary and Austria or to take cooking classes in Mexico!

You’re a new addition to the crayon box.  What colour would you be and why? 
Either a funky shade of green between sage and turquoise, or a dark iridescent white, like the inside of an oyster shell. 

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