Anti-Racism Reading Group


GUStA has prepared and circulated a list of background readings to encourage current scholars and students of art history to reflect on the state of the academy and the field of art history in North America, and to critically confront the tradition of whiteness in our scholarly practice. This reading group is designed to read through and share ideas on these understandings of issues related to race. This will be a democratic group and safe space that is open to graduate students.

How it works:

We will work from the background reading list found here. Each session will be run by a different moderator, who are not necessarily experts on these topics, but are administrators of the discussion. The main role of the moderator is to select and circulate the reading list in advance of each session, drawing together readings from the background reading list as well as their own readings. These may be whole articles or chapters, or sections of articles, chapters, or monographs, or different types of online resources. Moderators may also introduce key points for the conversation, and work to ensure a safe space for open discussion throughout each of the sessions.

The reading group will meet once a month, in the first week of the month, to discuss readings. If you are interested in joining please email

Tentative schedule:

September: Systemic racism and positionality in academia and art history
October: Postcolonial perspectives on Eurocentricity/Western canon (1)
November: Race and representation in art history, visual and material culture, and cultural studies
December: Postcolonial perspectives on Eurocentricity/Western canon (2)
January: Decolonization and indigenization
February: Whiteness in galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAM)
March: Race, Architecture & Built Environment
April: TBC


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