Current Executive Committee

2017–18 GUStA
Co-Presidents John Koenig and Brittany Myburgh
Vice-President(s) TBA
Secretary Paige Hirschey
Treasurer Marina Dumont
Graduate Students’ Union (GSU) Representative Cole Furrh
CUPE 3902 Steward Emily Doucet
Faculty-Student Liaison Samantha Chang
Graduate-Undergraduate Student Liaison Ariella Minden
Social Coordinators Tia Sager, Marina Dumont
Symposium Chairs Marina Dumont, Rachel Dewan
Symposium Committee Representatives Paige Hirschey, Tia Sager, Dmitri Potemkin, Ed Bacal, Amalya Feldman
Lecture Committee Representatives Brittany Myburgh, John Koenig
Editor(s)-in-Chief, University of Toronto Art Journal Rachel Dewan, Dmitri Potemkin
Editorial Committee Representatives, University of Toronto Art Journal Marina Dumont, Dmitri Potemkin, Rachel Dewan, Ariella Minden, Paige Hirschey
Library and Visual Resources Representative
Website and Social Media Representative Ariella Minden