Journals & Symposium

The Graduate Union of Students of Art hosts a number of exciting academic and research programs throughout the academic year.

Wollesen Memorial Symposium
In collaboration with the Department of Art and with the Undergraduate History of Art Students Association, GUStA hosts and sponsors the annual Wollesen Memorial Symposium. The symposium was inaugurated in 2014 as an enduring legacy and fond tribute to our esteemed late colleague Dr. Jens T. Wollesen. 

TheWollesen, an annual publication of the proceedings of the Wollesen Memorial Symposium, is a journal program founded and funded by GUStA. The journal aims to promote the interdisciplinary research of those graduate students presenting at our yearly symposium.

To support the Jens Wollesen Graduate Symposium and to provide crucial funding for the continuation of these initiatives please consider donating.

Alumni Series
The GUStA Alumni Series is graciously supported by Milestones and Pathways Funding from the University of Toronto. The alumni series seeks to maintain connections between GUStA and those students who have graduate from the Department of Art. Topics of alumni panels include the business of art curation and collection, gallery careers, and academia.

Posters of previous alumni, post-doc and student talks can be found here.

Student Panels & Workshops
Student Panels are an important GUStA program that provide students with a platform to practice conference-style presentations in front of their peers. Each semester students are invited to please register their interest in presenting.

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