COVID-19: Accessing Library and Research Resources

This resource list is monitored and updated as necessary. Last update: January 13, 2021 U of T Libraries (Robarts & other locations) General updates on the UTL operations and access January 11, 2021: Robarts Library and Gerstein Library will reopen in a limited way for essential services (access to technology and Internet services). HathiTrust Emergency … Continue reading COVID-19: Accessing Library and Research Resources

Anti-Racism Reading Group

Purpose: GUStA has prepared and circulated a list of background readings to encourage current scholars and students of art history to reflect on the state of the academy and the field of art history in North America, and to critically confront the tradition of whiteness in our scholarly practice. This reading group is designed to … Continue reading Anti-Racism Reading Group

Anti-Racism & Art History

Background reading Last updated 1 July 2020 GUStA is working to develop a list of readings and resources to respond to the following questions:  How do we confront the presence of colonial violence, white supremacy, and racism in famous artworks, art movements, and the practice of art history? How do citational practices tie in to … Continue reading Anti-Racism & Art History

Statement of solidarity with recent uprisings against anti-Black racism, white supremacy, and police brutality

The Executives of the Graduate Union of the Students of Art would like to respond to the recent wave of the murders by police of Black and Indigenous people by expressing our solidarity with the uprisings against the systemic racism around the world. We at GUStA stand against the ongoing display of police brutality, systemic … Continue reading Statement of solidarity with recent uprisings against anti-Black racism, white supremacy, and police brutality

Student Spotlight: Ariella Minden

Hometown: Toronto Research Interests: My dissertation is on printmaking in early-sixteenth-century Bologna. I look at how the presence of the university allowed for sustained technical innovation and experimentation across woodcutting, etching, and engraving. Currently, I am conducting research for a chapter that examines anatomical and surgical woodcuts produced for three treatises written by Berengario da … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Ariella Minden

Student Spotlight: Rhiannon Vogl

Hometown: Powassan, Ontario. Research Interests: Postmodern and Contemporary Art and Art Writing in Canada; European Modernism. How long have you been living in Toronto?  Just over a year. What is your favorite thing about living here? The number of different neighbourhoods; the diversity; the ravine systems! When did you realize you wanted to study art history? When my ninth grade … Continue reading Student Spotlight: Rhiannon Vogl

Call for Participants

NUIT BLANCHE 2019 – CITYLights TORONTO Calling for students and young professionals in related fields to participate in creation of this year’s NUIT BLANCHE project. About CITYLights TORONTO vision and work: CITYLights Toronto was founded in 2015 by a group of likeminded professionals as a way to educate Toronto students and young professionals in the … Continue reading Call for Participants

6th Annual Wollesen Symposium

CONFRONTING THE EXHIBITIONARY ORDER REGISTRATION The Wollesen Memorial Graduate Symposium is the annual symposium for the Graduate Union of the Students of Art (GUStA) at the University of Toronto. It was inaugurated in 2014 as an enduring legacy and fond tribute to our esteemed late colleague Dr. Jens T. Wollesen. This year, GUStA continues the tribute with … Continue reading 6th Annual Wollesen Symposium

Medium and Mediation

Our thanks to Erika and Marco for their excellent talks at our post-doc panel! Erika Loic, Postdoctoral Fellow in Medieval Art and Digital Humanities The Letter as Presence, Process, and Partnership: Mergers of Message and Medium in the Medieval Initial In light of recent research into the mediality and materiality of text, I take a retrospective … Continue reading Medium and Mediation